How to get to Shilin Official Residence Park?

First, you can take the MRT(red line) to Shilin station, and exit by Exit 2. Then turn left, cross the road name Zhongshan North Road, and walk 500 meters to reach.

Also, you can get to Shilin Official Residence by bus. Here is the bus transportation:

Toward North
If you take the bus line: (1717、203、260、260 shuttle, 267, 279, 280 straight, 310, 606, 612, 612 shuttle, 685, 902, Zhongshan Main Line (Orig.220), Shuttle bus between "Nangang Software Park" and "Tianmu", Dunhua Main Line (Toward General Hospital)).
Please get off at "Shilin Official Residance(Zhongshan)".

Toward East
If you take the bus line:(111, 1717, 206, 255, 255 shuttle, 260, 260 shuttle, 300, 303, 303 shullte, 304, 557, 620, 680, 683, 957, little 15, little16, little 17, little18, little 19, Shuttle Bus 13/15/16, little bus 1, Red 5, Red 30, Taipei Sightseeing Bus Blue Line).
Please get off at "Shilin Official Residence(Zhongzheng Road)".

Scooter rider and car driver, here is the parking information:

Fulin Road Plan Parking
Address:Fulin Road west to the east and turn right to Zixiang Street.
Ps:Can park scooters, motorcycles, cars and tour buses.

Xinhan Shilin Mansion Building Underground Charging Parking Lot
Address:North Section of Zhongshan North Road, turn north, turn right at Fulin Intersection
1.Can park tour buses, scooters and motorcycles.
2.Cars are not allowed.

Flint Park attached parking lot
Address:Intersection of Zhongzheng Road, Section 5, Zhongshan North Road.
1.Plant parking lot only for tour bus.
2.Underground parking lot can park your scooters and cars.

MRT Shilin Station transfers to the west and south parking lot
Address:Wenlin Road turns north and turns right to Ford Street. The west side parking lot is located at Meide Street next to Exit 2.
Ps:Only scooters and compact cars.

Fulin parking lot 1
Address: Zhongyou Fulin Gas Station
PS.only for compact cars.

Fulin parking lot 2
Address:Intersection of Section 5 and 505 Lane, Zhongshan North Road
PS. Only for compact cars.

Yunong Road roadside parking grid
Address:Yunong Road. Zhishan District to the south to Yunong Bridge.
Ps:Only scooters and compact cars.

Taiwan Unicom Shilin official esidence parking Lot
Address:Turn west of Fulin Road to the east and turn right at Lane 100, Fulin Road.
PS. Only for compact cars.

Shilin Station Bridge Space Parking Lot
Address:Between Wenlin Road and Zhongshan North, Under the viaduct.
PS. Only for scooters and motorcycles.

Flin Road 254 Lane Plan Parking Lot
Address:To the north of Fulin Road, see Shuangxi Park and turn right to the Forbidden City.
PS. Can only park scooters and compact cars.

Zhishan Park Parking Lot
Address:Next to the water purification station of the Shanshan Par
PS. Only for cars

Bus parking lot on Zhishan Road
Address: On both sides of a section of Zhishan Road opposite the Shanshan Park
PS. Tour bus could be parked here.