Every year we hold Chrysanthemum Show at Shilin Residence. The show will be open on 2019/11/22. Taipei City mayor Ko Wen-Je will show up and kick start the show. 2019 Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show arrange lots of flowers and plants, and feature several songs for visitors. We hope the Chrysanthemum Show could give visitors the deepest touch feeling and the most happiness.

The Chrysanthemum show are combined different styles of music or song and Chrysanthemum modeling, such as Romance De Amor; The Home of Dendranthema Morifolium; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; Schwanengesang; Don't Raise Goldfish in the Bottom of Your Glass — Bottoms Up!; Common Jasmine Orange; Love Slowly; Grandpa’s Tea; Waltz of The Flowers; Expressing Love with Chrysanthemums: Salut d'Amour include indoor and outdoor areas.

We will introduce the location of every special exhibition area. Visitors should not miss the top 3 areas named: The Home of Dendranthema Morifolium and Large Chrysanthemum Variety Display Area and Specialist Cup Garden Landscape Competition. The Large Chrysanthemum Variety proved that we have excellent cultivation techniques in Taiwan. Also, you would see how hard the organizers did.

“Romance De Amor” — Narcisco Yepes

This guitar piece is well-known around the world. The rhythm elegantly conveys a feeling of kindness and romance.

The decoration includes musical notes to exude a feeling a love. A beautiful romantic theme is developed through a combination of sheet music, heart shapes, arches, piano keyboards, and playing the guitar and singing love songs.

“Forest of the Sounds of Nature” — Wind Music, Judy Wu

“Forest of the Sounds of Nature” is a piece created primarily from birdsong. The collection of wild birdsong, combined with a brisk-paced rhythm, makes for the feeling of entering a beautiful and secluded forest.

The area features a topiary piece an 8-meter high princess with a beautiful voice. With the giraffe pianist playing the music, the princess' voice attracts butterflies and animals to enjoy the performance. It is as if we are watching a stunning “Sounds of Nature Theater” in the forest.

"Come Home Soon" — Sodagreen

The theme of this exhibition area revolves around the song “Come Home Soon”, from the album Daylight of Spring by the band Sodagreen. This area conveys the idea that “home” is a warm and safe haven.

The overall design of the area focuses on nostalgic garden landscapes. Images of a warm home are created through elements such as a window of waiting, walls of time, wandering starlight, the home, and sun, infused with decorations of different sorts of standard chrysanthemums, plants and flowers belonging to the Asteraceae family, and houseplants.

“Common Jasmine Orange” — Jay Chou

The decoration of the exhibition area manifests the lyrics from “Common Jasmine Orange” by Jay Chou. The wonderful atmosphere of first love is presented through delightful images. For example, the pencil moves back and forth is me writing a poem for you. The constant chirping of sparrows is your whispering in my ears. As cats love to eat Pacific saury fish, so is the strength with which I love you.

“Don't Raise Goldfish in the Bottom of Your Glass — Bottoms Up!” — Lu Chuan-Sheng and Chen Da-Yu

“Don't Raise Goldfish in the Bottom of Your Glass — Bottoms Up!” was published April 18th, 1949. The composer was Lu Chuan-Sheng, a noted Taiwanese musician; the lyrics were composed by Chen Da-Yu, who was also a playwright.

You can see several large glasses are put upside down; a waterfall of flowers and plants pours out to represent alcohol, with sculpted fish sculptures swimming lackadaisically easily. The ballad “Don't Raise Goldfish in the Bottom of Your Glass — Bottoms Up!” is indeed perfectly portrayed through this installation.

“Love Slowly” — No Name

The theme of this exhibition area is “Love Slowly” by No Name. Visitors are led into the rhythm of music through the smooth flow of black and white piano keys. The different stages of love are splendidly portrayed through various Asteraceae family plants and flowers, arranged in color gradients. The sweetness and happiness of love is conveyed through the colorful flower wall installed at the end of the area.

“Grandpa’s Tea” — Jay Chou

Here, you can see a 3.4 meter high topiary tea pot and stylized chrysanthemum tea cups. Plants of the Asteraceae family are used to symbolize pouring tea. The lyrics of “Grandpa’s Tea” by Jay Chou are vividly brought to life through stylized and hanging chrysanthemums, as well as other Asteraceae family plants and flowers.

“Schwanengesang (Swan Song)” — Schubert

“Schwanengesang (Swan Song)” is a romantic song to express heartfelt feelings to a loved one by the Austrian composer Franz Schubert.

The twin-swan topiary conveys the warmth of love and the feeling of two hearts falling in love. The romantic atmosphere of “Schwanengesang (Swan Song)” is created through heart-shaped chrysanthemums and doll sculptures singing affectionately before the mums.

“Twelve Variations on ‘Ah vous dirai-je, Maman’ (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)” — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

So many of us know the song that goes “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are…”. But did you know that this song was one of twelve variations written by Musical prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, based on the French folk song “Ah! Vous Dirai-Je, Maman”?

This exhibition area is decorated with star-shaped chrysanthemums, both large and small. Hopefully they will remind you of little stars in the sky, to bring back those childhood memories! Meanwhile, you can experience the lively atmosphere of the musical piece by experiencing the decorations of harps, musical dolls, musical notes, and sheet music.

“Waltz of the Flowers” — Pyotr Tchaikovsky

“Waltz of the Flowers” is the most famous orchestra piece from the ballet The Nutcracker, by Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky. In the ballet, colorful fairies dance together, representing hundreds of flowers blossoming together, brimming with the vitality of life.

The theme of the area is “Circles” and “Dance”. Musical movements on flowers are heard from a phonograph, which leads listeners into a fantasy world of music. Surrounded by fairies of chrysanthemums, the variations and rhythms of both music and flowers are expressed through percussion instruments made of flowers.

Expressing Love with Chrysanthemums: “Salut d'Amour” — Edward Elgar

Harps and stringed instruments from the violin family made of chrysanthemums play flowery musical notes of love within a delightful garden. This area perfectly expresses “Salut d'Amour”, a violin and piano serenade by British composer Edward Elgar.

“Party Animal” — Mayday

This exhibition area combines the lyrics of “Party Animal” by Mayday and the “Town Musicians of Bremen” from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. The donkey neglected by a former master plans to head to Bremen and become a musician. In the company of three friends — a dog, a cat, and a rooster — the donkey no longer feels lonesome, and is confident enough to pursue his dreams.

Youth Creative Flowerbed Exhibit

This year, we especially invited nine groups of students studying gardening and landscape architecture to incorporate their creative ideas with the topic “Happy Among the Mums.” We have also showcased their work for citizens and other visitors to enjoy.

Specialist Cup Garden Landscape Competition

To encourage citizens to learn skills, enhance national skill capacity, and foster exchange of techniques within industry, the Skill Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Labor's Workforce Development Agency is holding an expanded Gardening Art Creation category skill contest for the 2019 Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show. The contest aims to showcase the techniques and skills of professionals, for citizens and visitors to behold.

“Happy Birthday to You” — Patty Hill

Featuring the world-renowned “Happy Birthday to You”, the area has two cakes decorated with nine new chrysanthemum varieties. The giant cakes are 2.6 and 1.8 meters high. The cakes and two chrysanthemum gift boxes are to bless everyone with happiness, and to wish not only a very happy birthday, but happiness every day, amid the chrysanthemums.

Home of the Chrysanthemum

For this exhibition, Parks and Street Lights Office employees spent nearly two years cultivating chrysanthemums; the number of flowers per plant has continued to break records. All of this has been to give visitors a chance to appreciate the most magnificent and beautiful “Leading Lady” flowers in the Show.

Large Chrysanthemum Variety Display Area

This area displays almost 100 kinds of standard chrysanthemums cultivated by the Parks and Street Lights Office.